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7 Recipes To Try This Weekend

by Amy

Owl Creek Farm Sunday Morning PancakesIf you’re like me, you often leave meal planning a little too close to last minute and end up making something that’s quick instead of what you wanted. There were times in my past lives where I would sit down – with both time and quiet on my side – to write out elaborate meal plans and coordinating shopping lists. One main list for the once a month trip to the city – people think we are rural now….. It was 2.5 hours to any shopping apart from a tiny, extremely high cost, grocery store. And then weekly lists for trips to that tiny store for perishables. Color coordinated and everything. I had more time, but life is better now, so less organized is ok, you know?

I almost lost track of where I was going with that. Getting back on track, you might be like me and not have the time to really plan, but it’s usually pretty easy to at least make sure you’ve got the ingredients for a few different options. Often us busy folks will draw blanks when we need ideas the most. Irony. So, here’s some suggestions to make this weekend. Just print out the recipes, check off what ingredients you have, and run to the store for any missing items. Even if you don’t make any of these, maybe it’ll jog an idea in your brain and make at least one meal better, and that’s not a bad goal either.

Breakfast Recipes

If I ran my own restaurant, these would be what we’d make for our All Day, All You Can Eat Pancakes.

Since I do not, here’s the recipe for you to enjoy them for way cheaper, and without having to get dressed.

Sunday Morning Pancakes
Easy enough for everyday, delicious enough for Sunday breakfast. If you want to make any of the flavoured pancakes, read over their ingredients and instructions before beginning! Can be halved or doubled.
Check out this recipe!
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Our Rice Pudding Recipe – with or without Raisins – it is worth the little extra effort of stirring. Just save 3 cups of rice from last night’s dinner.

Rice Pudding
Wholesome, comforting, filling, and just all around delicious. If you have fond memories of rice pudding from your childhood, this might be what you're looking for. If you don't have fond memories, this might be what makes you love rice pudding.
Check out this recipe!
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Lunch Recipes

A must try, one of our top 5 favourite meals for 15+ years!

Fish Tacos
Simply the best Fish Taco Recipe, with homemade White Sauce, Pico de Gallo, and Beer Battered Fish. Taco Del Mar style: but better!
Check out this recipe!
fish taco

Make a garden salad to accompany these chicken strips, and dress it up with our homemade ranch dressing recipe!

Chicken Strips
Simply the BEST Chicken Strip Recipe, and you can just as easily make Chicken Nuggets. Perfect Seasonings: Kid and Grown-up Approved.
Check out this recipe!
Owl Creek Farm Chicken Strips
Ranch Dressing
The only Homemade Ranch recipe you'll ever need. Quick. Simple. Easy. And absolutely delicious. You'll never settle for bottled again.
Check out this recipe!
Owl Creek Farm Ranch Dressing Recipe

Dinner Recipes

I meet a lot of folks who have never had Jambalaya, or their only experience is with that box stuff. Even if you’ve had it before, try this recipe out this weekend. It’s so good and so filling!

This much loved Jambalaya Recipe is a delicious creation of traditional Jambalaya flavours starting with a homemade Cajun seasoning blend.
Check out this recipe!
Owl Creek Farm Jambalaya

A hearty bowl of Chicken Noodle Soup can right a lot of wrongs in life – or at least make it feel that way for a little while.

Chicken Noodle Soup
The Best Chicken Noodle Soup, the way it should be: warm and comforting and full of flavor. Grown-up and Kid approved!
Check out this recipe!

Bonus Dessert Recipe

Chocolate is good for the soul. Treat yourself and loved ones with this absolutely fabulous brownie recipe.

Triple Chocolate Fudge Brownies
So delicious that only a small piece - ideally warm and topped with good quality vanilla ice cream - is needed to get your sugar fix
Check out this recipe!
IMG 20200823 203032 879

Are you able to plan your meals in any way? What works best?

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