Owl Creek Farm is owned by William and Amy Garrett. Our helpers include 4 kids and a growing assortment of furrbabies.

We started out as a garden and recipe blog (Garden of Eatin’ founded in 2008), and a handmade soap and skin care company (Alberta Handmade Soap Co, founded in 2011).

In 2017, we bought a quarter section (160 acres) and have been bit-by-bit turning it into a home and working farm. The bare land had just 70 acres of hay, with the rest being a lot of muskeg (peat moss) and trees, with no infrastructure. Over 2 years, we added power, natural gas, a water well, and a septic system, and in 2019, our new modular home was delivered.

2020 didn’t see much in the way of obvious improvements, other than coming up with a farm name, finally. We got a lot done, but 2020 was, well, 2020!

So, 2021 is here. We have a few simple (on paper) plans to complete: put up fencing and gates, add a shelter, get goats; build a chicken coop and secure fenced area (we DO have owls… and foxes and coyotes), and get chickens; and in the very least for our home yard, finish spreading top soil and grading for drainage, and plant the lawn areas. We also have to disc the hay field one more time and then seed it.

We are SO excited to get the animals in particular, wish us luck that this is “the year”!

Indoors, we’re getting the soap/skin care business going again. Some old favourites, as well as some improved products, and new goodies, are being worked on weekly. Hopefully we’ll be able to have our local farmer’s market run this year so we can participate!

We hope you’ll follow along on our journey, please feel free to comment on blog and facebook posts, and send us messages.

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