Welcome to Owl Creek Farm

Little Smoky, Alberta

We are so happy you’ve found us. Learn more about us and this website, check out our handcrafted soap and other skin care products that we sell, check out some of our family favourite recipes (with more being added all the time), and hang out with us as we grow into goat farming, get our chickens, and get back into gardening.


Banana “and/or” Pumpkin Bread

About 8 years ago, I had switched banana bread recipes. A smaller batch of healthier ingredients.... it turned out that we didn't eat all that much banana bread, until I started making this recipe again. I'd tried others along the way, but this…
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Day 15: The Peppers Make An Appearance

Well, they took their time, but bell peppers are fickle little beasts and it's only barely warm enough in my little make-shift indoor greenhouse. Day 15 and I was starting to wonder if I needed to get a heat mat, but the first one peeked up…


We've been using this recipe for 15+ years but I had it saved in my physical binder from very early on and it never made it to digital until now!Jambalaya is a rice dish which originated in the 1700s with a mash up of cuisines, ingredients,…

Cajun Seasoning

I grew up in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and didn't eat out a lot. So, I didn't have any experience with Southern cooking until I was an adult and started experimenting with seasonings. The kids mosty didn't really care for the vibrant flavours…
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The one where the seedlings saved the houseplants

It's the best time of the season - the days are getting longer, and we have spurts of spring mingling with snow, but hard winter is done. The water and septic line heat tapes are unplugged - the next electric bill will be considerably lower!Last…

Tamale Casserole

I try to make my life easier on days that I work my day job, by making quicker meals, or preparing as much before hand as possible. Casseroles are great for pre-prep, they can be put together in the morning, and thrown in the oven when you get…