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Goat’s Milk Handcrafted Soap is an unscented favourite with added Goat’s Milk for extra soft and healthy skin.

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We are thrilled to be able to offer our customers over ten years of experience in expertly handcrafted artisan bar soap. Nourish your family’s skin with the same recipes we use for our family.

Our handmade bar soaps are made using modern methods of traditional soapmaking by cold processing oils, lye, and other customized ingredients together. The resulting bars are suitable for all skin types with many offering specialized benefits depending on the ingredients of each.

Our soaps also offer these benefits:

  • We only sell what we want to use on ourselves. We live with eczema and sensitive skin and know that everyone deserves skin care they can trust and love.
  • All of our products use small batch processes to ensure every one exceeds our high standards for quality and safety.
  • The entire process is done on the farm using Good Manufacturing Practices that meet or exceed Health Canada requirements for both skin care and food companies.
  • All of our formulas are our own (we don’t buy premade bases or products and resell them).
  • Our soaps are tested to work well (lots of lather and bubbles in both hard and soft water, likewise, city and well water. Some water outside our ability to test may be slow to lather, a bath poof will get the suds going quick.
  • We use local ingredients as much as possible – Alberta organic oatmeal, honey, beeswax, and goat’s milk.
  • Canadian suppliers are utilized for almost all our ingredients and supplies (high quality US suppliers for the rest), all who use ethical buying practices: no child or slave labor, no animal testing, and supporting impoverished communities where possible.
  • We only use therapeutic essential oils and skin safe, made in Canada or the US, fragrance oils.
  • All colours used are top shelf quality premium, skin safe colors, often completely natural colours like clays.
  • We’ll never use fillers or cheap oils like canola, nor GMO/GEO, phalates, detergents, preservatives (real bar soap preserves itself), or petroleum products.

Allergies can and do happen. If you’re allergic to any of the ingredients in our soap, please don’t use it. If you can’t find a soap that works for you, send us an email and we can chat, any excuse to make soap is good and we can and do make custom soaps.

Your new soap is a minimum of 3.50oz/100g. It will last one person approximately one month, if it’s allowed to dry between uses: use a well draining soap dish and don’t leave it in a puddle of water.

To use, get your hands and soap wet and start rubbing, the lather and suds will foam up with little effort. If your water is extraordinarily hard or soft, you may find running the bar on a wet bath poof gets the suds-ing going better. Wash up and rinse well.

If you’ve never used real soap before, your skin might need an adjustment period. Our soaps are formulated to leave behind a bit of moisturizing and in the first week or two of new use, it might feel like an odd residue. We’ve been using our handmade soap for over 10 years and it will go away after the first couple weeks.

Your soaps will be good for a long time. We have bars set back from 7 years ago that are still good. It was in the 8th year that our first batches of soap started oxidizing.

Sodium Tallowate

Tallow gives gentle cleansing and hardness to soap, along with a lacy lather.

Sodium Cocoate

Coconut Oil gives soap lots of bubbles and boosts the cleansing.

Sodium Olivate

Olive Oil offers extra hardness to soap, along with skin conditioning and moisturizing.

Sodium Castorate

Castor Oil boosts lather and bubbles.

Sodium Cocoa Butterate

Cocoa Butter increases the skin conditioning and moisturizing of soap, and helps make the bar a little harder and longer lasting.

Sodium Shea Butterate

Shea Butter increases the skin conditioning and moisturizing of soap.


Glycerine is a natural bi-product of the soapmaking process, and helps seal in moisture on the skin.

Sodium Lactate

Made from sugar, Sodium Lactate significantly increases soap’s hardness.

Avena Sativa

Oatmeal is used in all our bars for soothing moisturizing.


Kaolin clay is a natural clay that helps clarify and detox the skin.

Goat’s Milk

Goat’s Milk moisturizes and softens for healthy skin.

1 review for Goat’s Milk | Fragrance Free

  1. Janet R.

    I’ve been using this soap on my toddler from head to toe and his cradle cap is finally gone and combined with switching to an unscented laundry soap his rashes have cleared up!

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