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Growing like weeds

by Amy
2021 Tomatoes and Cabbages newly up-potted

2021 Tomatoes and Cabbages newly up-potted

I up-potted the tomatoes and cabbages on the 8th, and in 5 short days, they recovered from the transplant shock and are growing very well.

It’s amazing how much heat and humidity this plastic wrapped shelving “greenhouse” keeps in!

This photo is from the 8th, after just being transplanted (the onions, peppers, and artichokes haven’t been up-potted yet) and they’re looking a little worse for it.

I assumed the shock would slow down their growth, but if it did, it wasn’t really noticeable.

Not only is the growth from the last 5 days fantastic, when compared to last year on day 19-20 (see below), like Day 15, well, there’s just no comparison. It’s beautiful!

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