Well, they took their time, but bell peppers are fickle little beasts and it’s only barely warm enough in my little make-shift indoor greenhouse. Day 15 and I was starting to wonder if I needed to get a heat mat, but the first one peeked up this evening.

My little onion starts look a little….. sad, but they’re a nice, healthy green and keep growing so I suppose that’ll suffice – this is my first time starting onions from seed, instead of starts. These will just be green onions, since I’m not going to have deep enough containers or in-ground garden yet, for any root vegetables. Hopefully it’ll be just one more year of buying bags and bags of onions! Man we eat a lot of onions!

The artichokes are coming up slow and strong!

The tomatoes and cabbages are growing so well, they make me happy every time I look at them. Thanks to some kind folks in the Peace Country Gardener’s FB group, who steered me towards Solo cups to transplant these into this week. There are 4 to 5 plants in each of these little yogurt cups, they’ll be ready to really stretch soon.

For reference, this was last year’s day 15, using the colored led grow lights. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!

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