I’m the queen of craptastic titles, I know.

It’s been hot, not as hot as say, Double Danger (they have a whole “hot as hell” category, you could not pay me enough to live in Texas), but it’s getting 90-95F with high humidity and no a/c, and if you’ve missed my whining on Twitter, you should know that means it’s been 86-87F inside my house. So there’s the whole heat induced migraine going on and I have an a/c in my garage and I’m really temped to say screw being able to pay the power bill and install the damn thing. To add insult to injury, it was 60 for most of last week and just awesome. The garden isn’t so fond of this heat either, but I have managed to water enough to keep it all from dying, what I haven’t already killed anyway. Lots of green tomatoes, I hope to see some red soon. We’re munching on cucumbers, there’s not enough pickling kind to pickle, so they’re snack fodder, and good.

I’ve become obsessed with Squidoo (see my list over to the right?) and really, you should too. If you know anything about anything, make a lens (what they call a page) about it. These pages are supposed to be constant works in progress, often updated and added to, so you don’t have to spend a ton of time making your first few. Make ’em, publish ’em and come back to ’em later to add on. You might just make a few bucks for yourself or charity (and you can pick the charity). Go, make one! I want to see it, so come back and leave a comment!

I’ve been very bad about keeping up in the garden blog world. I’m afraid I’m a bit over extended these days and just starting to get each thing I’m working on fit into it’s own niche so I’m not running around like a crazed maniac on crack. I’ve been busy with work, both doing web design and now professional organizing, plus schooling my monsters, err kids, and the garden of course, and a million other things. Being self employed is so awesome in many ways, but the hours for the income sucks butt to start. It’ll be worth it though. But I still need to get back to the garden blog rounds, I miss reading about what’s going on with everyone.

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Joan Adams

Funny blog! I enjoyed it and yes, here in SC we know all about the summer heat, for sure!
Have you joined a Squidoo team this time? We would love to have you in the Jolly Judicious Jetsetters. Deadline to sign up is August 1 – think about it!

PS if you are already a JJJ and I don’t recognize your real name, forgive me! lol loved the blog!


Hi Amy~~ You’re too funny. Hot is the word of the day for sure….and week. The humidity isn’t too bad down here, thank God. There is no way in hell you could get me to live in the south, in the summer. Winter? Maybe. :) Thankfully this is supposed to be a quick heat wave. I hope they’re right. I hate this too!

Squiddo, huh? Interesting concept. I’m still trying to get used to blogging. I’ve never been to Twitter or Flickr and I don’t even know about what I’m sure is a ton of other cool sites.

The effects of last weekend’s rain are starting to wear off. I tried to get as much mulch down as I could to insulate the moist soil but… you know how it goes. No ripe tomatoes yet for me either. I’ve picked a few zucchini but the berries have been fantastic. They’re my preference anyway.

Congrats on your latest endeavors. I wish you much success. In the midst of it all, please don’t forget your garden buddies! :)