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Snow = Lotion

by Amy

I’m on a quest lately, to make peanut butter snack bars my boys will like more than store bought ones. Because, you know, they’re expensive and why pay extra for all that crap they put in factory food?

So that was this morning, making the 3rd batch in 2 weeks.

The first couple batches were eaten, and they were enjoyed, but not loved. I don’t have real high hopes with today’s, I think I need to up the sweetness a bit? They’ll let me know.

Once I work out a recipe that the kids are gung-ho over, I’ll put it up.

So that finished, the refried beans for dinner tonight started, and the kitchen cleaned up, I looked outside. Ugh.

For whatever reason (my brain works in mysterious ways), the snow made me want to make lotion. We needed it, I wanted to get it made for market, so sure.

I worked out a new and crazy good formula for a light lotion with lots of super hydrating ingredients like shea butter, oat protein, chamomile, panthenol (vitamin b12) and more. And gave it a lovely (but unisex) coconut fragrance, one I’ve been holding onto for some time, that needed just the right product…. apparently, this one was it.

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