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Salt in Bread and Planting Herb Seeds

by Amy

How’s that for a title. Naming these posts is easily the hardest part of posting. Type out details is satisfying, putting into (usually) organized words what’s been done, but those titles…..

Today is a gorgeous, if weird, Spring day around these parts. 25c/75f. Most years at this time, it’s still quite chilly, snowing/raining/hailing, with snow still on the ground. This past week has been more like late May. Because of course it is, winter is coming back for a couple days, with the threat of snow tonight, but hopefully that snowfall warning that is west of us, stays west of us.

I started today by getting my bread making started at the same time as the coffee was brewing.


Currently, the 2nd batch of bread is baking in the oven, because the first batch? I forgot the salt (and oil) and yeast really, really needs salt.

Dough without salt rises super fast then deflates, leaving you with what might work as paving bricks.

Salt keeps yeast from losing it’s mind and rise too fast for the gluten and proteins to make stable bonds, which results in a deflated second rise, and paving-brick-bread.

So, yeah, no more bread baking until the first cup of coffee has hit my bloodstream! I’m going to dry the bricks out and see if they make ok bread crumbs.

While the second bread dough was on it’s first rise this morning, I got the herbs planted in in the rectangle planters I found pretty cheap at Canadian Tire.

They’ll go outside starting in June, and then come back in, in the fall and I’ll keep them going year round for always fresh herbs.

Top shelf, planted March 20 (4 weeks today!): Cabbages and Artichokes (to be up potted soon)

Second shelf: cabbages, bell peppers and onions, planted March 20, and a rhubarb plant, planted today.

Bottom shelf, herbs (all heirloom) planted today:

Lemon Basil – Dill – Sweet Basil
Parsley – Chives – Thyme – Oregano

2021 Tomato Plants

And just to round out all the veggies and herbs, here’s the tomatoes. I might have enough tomatoes to feed the whole country if they keep up this rate!

I love looking over and seeing all the green, more and more each day. They are doing so much better than last year (they are almost up to the point last year’s tomatoes were in June!), and even better than my seedlings in Oregon, with my first garden in 2008.



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