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errr, garden. This will likely become a page all to itself, depending on how much I find I’ve learned.

To start, I have learned the peas need very little nitrogen. So little that even dried grass clippings as mulch at their base will “burn” them. There’s a reason the Earth Juice has a separate formulation (no “Grow”) for legumes!

I’ve learned that pinching off the flowers on still small plants will encourage the plants to grow larger and better suited to bear fruit.

I’ve learned that watering in the morning and keeping the leaves as dry as possible is better then other times and methods, to keep bugs and disease away.

I’ve learned Rosemary is a PITA (Pain In The A*#) to grow from seed. In fact, I can’t seem to do it all. Time to get starts!

It’s late and I’m drawing a blank on the other stuff I’ve come to know, so more to come…..

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    Daphne Gould says:

    I’ve learned that the bed near the compost pile is hopeless. You can’t teach a dog not to sniff interesting things. And what smells more interesting than a compost pile? All the little seedlings in that bed get trampled.

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    Amanda says:

    The first time I sowed sugar snap peas I made the mistake of putting them back-to-back with regular peas. Then they intertwined as they grew up and I had no idea which was which without tracing the peas back to the earth. So now I put distance between them and I know whether I should eat the whole pod or just the peas!


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