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Today: News! Tomorrow: Pictures!

by Amy

I’m so excited I can’t stand it :lol

I bought plant stakes at the Grocery Outlet yesterday and got plant tape at Lowes today (last roll in the whole store) and went out and took out the tomato cages I had (they were given to me, so no loss) and tied up the tomatoes to the stakes… everything I’ve read about the cages say they are just bad business for growing good plants. Pictures tomorrow – they’re starting to flower! I do have to take back what I said about the tomatoes loving being flooded, the 4 of them that got the most water aren’t so thrilled. I’m letting the area dry out well (not too well) so the roots can recover from being drowned.

Then I tied up the sagging peas… had I done the trellis vertically in the first place, the peas would have a good hold on the twine, but they are heavy now and have a hard time holding themselves up. The tape helped immensely – they’re much taller! And – I have pea pods! At least a dozen, both sugar snap and oregon snap, with a couple ready to pick so I did. I haven’t had snap peas in many years and I might be biased, but they were really freaking tasty. I’ll get pictures of the smaller ones I left on the vine tomorrow.

There are many more strawberries with a couple turning red, which of course I’ll get pictures off, and I dug into the potatoes and found a teeny little russet and a teeny little red potato…I covered them back up to keep growing and can’t wait til I can take a picture of their harvest!

The broccoli is growing quickly, as it the lettuce and the parsley – I’m going to have to cut some soon and dry it. I bought more basil seeds, 4 types and will try them again. The corn is crazy…we drove by some corn fields yesterday on the way to visit my dad and mine are thicker and much livlier :D

I want to be able to buy a house with land so I can farm so bad!!

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OuterBanksMom June 20, 2008 - 12:17 pm

I know the feeling. I wish we could move to a nice mini farm somewhere. Somewhere around 10 acres would be fantastic. Until then, we can dream together! :)

Nancy Bond June 20, 2008 - 6:35 am

I hear you on the “house with land”! It’s my wish as well. It sure sounds like things are doing very well in your garden — tasting those first morsels IS so exciting. :)