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The composter to end all composters

by Amy

[image links are broken after several hosting moves, hoping to find backups somewhere]

Ok, not really. It’s actually kinda flimsy, but I don’t plan on bathing in it so it should be ok. After turning the compost in our crappy 32 gallon can, making a mess and having the can break in 14 million pieces, I went to Costco and got this 175 gallon container. It says 90 on the website – but it’s 175 and the sucker is huge (it’s also about $58 in store). Our nearly full 32 gallon can only filled in a little bit. I’m happy we’ll be able to put all the grass clippings in it, I’ve only been able to put about half in thus far. It’s attractive in an ugly kind of way…at least it’s “90% recycled material”.

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Shala June 10, 2008 - 5:58 am

I knew it was your site that I saw this composter. We just bought the same one over the weekend due to this post and I just wanted to say thanks! It is a little flimsy but I am certain it will do the job just as well as any high dollar one would. It’s also a lot bigger than it looks in this picture. I was quiet suprised at how much stuff it will hold. Unfortunately ours isn’t even half full yet. How is your compost coming along? Does it heat up nicely?