Dinner Rolls

I love bread. Really love bread. A fresh loaf of bread takes a ham & cheese or pb&j sandwich from blah to yum. Just by changing the bread from storebought to fresh. A freshly made sub loaf turns a sub sandwich into heaven on a plate.…
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Lessons in Yeast and Substitutions in a Recipe

We recently ran frighteningly low on honey, and my brain being, well, it's usual scatter-brained brain, forgot to buy more on the last two trips to Grande Prairie. It was on the list; I did go down that aisle. Maybe something shiny distracted…

Homemade Tortillas

  Homemade Tortillas Ditch stale, expensive store bought tortillas! A helper makes these quick and easy to make. 6 cups flour (all purpose white)2 tsp salt2 tsp baking powder⅔ cup lard (recommended) or olive oil2 cups…