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Summer Skin Care Tips

by Amy

If you receive our newsletter, you’ll have seen some of these tips in the last couple emails.

~Pat (don’t rub) your skin dry after your shower

~Moisturize after hand washing, don’t wait until they are very dry

~Don’t rely only on the chemicals in sunscreen to protect you – limit sun exposure by covering up

~Treat your feet by soaking and then using a pumice stone, followed by a great lotion like our Jojoba, Argan, and Shea Hand & Body Lotion

~Stay (or get) well hydrated. Dehydration is one of the surest ways to damage your skin. Hydrated skin looks and feels younger and healthier! Any drink aside from alcoholic is better than nothing, if you are one who just will not drink water

~Don’t neglect your lips; our Lip Balm is perfect for protection from wind and sun chapping, and for healing after a long day outside.

~Don’t scratch those bug bites. Make a thin paste with some baking soda and water. Wipe the bite with pure isopropyl alcohol then dab on the baking soda. Let dry. This disinfects the bite, dries it out, and soothes the itch.

~Ask 100 people and get 100 sunburn treatment opinions. Skip anything with oil or fat or petroleum and go straight for the Aloe Vera. It’s best to get it straight from the plant, but even Aloe gel from the store is good. For painfully itchy, blistering sunburns, we’ve found, as “unnatural” as it is, Solarcaine is the best* for being able to simply survive the worst of the burn without making it worse. Drink lots of water to help your skin hydrate (it’s been cooked like a roast in the oven, it MUST have water) and an anti-inflammatory oral OTC medication might be helpful too – ask your doctor if Advil (ibuprofen) is ok to take. And please, make sure to prevent future burns – the long term damage inflicted on your skin might not seem bad now, but in 20 years, it will show. If you feel lightheaded, dizzy, weak, lethargic, or sick, go to the ER or Outpatient immediately – heat stroke is deadly and a very real possibility for all ages.


*We like all natural, but we like modern medicine too ~ sometimes those crazy things like lidocaine (active ingredient in Solarcaine) make life so much better – I sure wouldn’t have dental work without it.

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