Slow Blog Day

by Amy

Sorry for the lack of bloggage – I finally was able to get busy with work and have been working and grocery shopping and other inside household stuff today. We had company yesterday …been hectic.

I have to finish my watering system tomorrow. The plants aren’t getting enough when I just water by hand. I need to replace one of the soaker hoses already down, it was a used one and I think it’s part of the problem with the flooding. I’m going to get up early and go visit my dad and get that out of the way, then come home and spend the day in the garden, then work in the evening.

Lets see, for growth…I have at least a dozen good strong zucchini sprouts, about 6 squash, about 15 corn (I hope more comes up!), the broccoli is looking awesome. The herbs…blech. I’m thinking about pulling them and using the space for something else…none of it is looking well. I still need to sown more carrots, lettuce and spinach. I should be able to get that done tomorrow.

I’m learning a lot of stuff with this. Much if it is what not to do next year lol

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