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Planning a wedding?

by Amy

Now in stock!

We’re excited to expand our gift soap line, and now offer wrapped and custom* labelled mini bars!

Each 1oz/28g bar of soap is handmade with the same care and quality as all our soaps, just mini sized. You can choose from the soaps on this page – mix and match, no minimums (keep reading though!).

Each bar is packed in a tidy little white envelope for protection from dust and dents, with our logo on the front, and the name of the soap, the ingredients, and our information (both required by Health Canada) on the back. Once they arrive, you can dress them up further with a ribbon or other decoration if you wish.

*With an order of 25 mini bars or more, the front label can be customized to your needs (wedding date and names, a company logo, or a default message like “thank you”, for example). Once you’ve placed your order, we’ll check the number of bars ordered – if it’s over 25, you’ll receive an email requesting the information you want on your labels. You will get an example to approve by email. This process only takes a couple of days, and they’ll be on their way to you.

<More mini soap varieties coming!>

If you don’t see “just the right soap”, we can custom make your soaps (50 bar minimum applies) with a 6-8 week turnaround – please plan accordingly.

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