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My little post about climate change

by Amy

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Yes, the planet has gone through these cycles before. We’re making it worse, we’re making it faster.

Humans have this amazing ability to create miracles when faced with problems (call it god or whatever if you want, I think we’re just smart) – every time there’s a war, our technology advances by leaps and bounds. When there’s an outbreak of some virus or disease, we find ways to beat it.

We have a problem – the planet’s climate is changing and we need to stop our part in making it worse. If you have a open wound on your leg, you don’t pour salt in it (I hope), you try to make it better. Strangely, our planet is MORE important to us that our own legs, but instead of trying to heal it, we’re pouring salt (in the form of oil, a mind boggling array of pharmaceutical drugs and an equally mind boggling array of other pollutants) all over it.

Stop using all those chemicals. Drive less (and/or use a more eco friendly vehicle). For every thing you need, there is a earth friendly version. Look for it.

Acknowledge climate change. Understand that “global warming” doesn’t mean that the whole planet heats up – the polar ice caps are taking the brunt of it and melting. Those giant white reflectors on either end of our planet reflect a lot of heat. As the planet warms up, the melt, giving less surface to bounce the heat off of…which makes it warm up faster.

Think it doesn’t affect you? Probably not. But if you have kids, they’ll have kids, and so on, and THEY will care. We act now, they have a better life. Yeah, sucks to be us, but someone has to step up.

/end rambling – I tried to have a more thought out post but I’ve been way too busy! This post was written for Blog Action Day 2009 about Climate Change

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