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My First Plant – Grow Write Guild #1

by Amy

Hard truth about me: I tend to be late to the party. I don’t mean I’m 10 minutes late to doctor appointments; I mean, I’ll notice a thing – a trend, a new product, some thing that is neat – but my mind isn’t in a place that is receptive at that exact moment in time, so the neat thing quite literally goes in one ear, and out the other.

Weeks, months, years later, I’ll see it again, after everyone else is done and bored with it, and and that’s when I’ll just get going with it. I’m used to this about myself, and my kids mostly are too, but I’ll occasionally hear, “Mom, that came out 5 years ago”. Sue me! Most recently is the Grow Write Guild that You Grow Girl – a garden blogger in Toronto – put together….. in 2013. The GWG is a series of writing prompts for garden bloggers, to help them figure out what to write about on days nothing exciting is happening…. and with winter in Alberta being so long, unless I’ve got a new recipe or am making soap, I don’t have a lot to write about!

So the first prompt is “My First Plant“.

I’m afraid this isn’t very exciting! I wasn’t quite 30 yet, living in Salem, Oregon. The first plants to come up when I started this adventure were broccoli sprouts, which I don’t have photos of, but I did get one of the plants, along with loads of others in 2008. I don’t even remember what brand seeds I bought, but they came from one of the big box stores (before I really got into GMO research) so probably not any heirloom/heritage seed.

That was my first (out of two) large gardens I did; and I really hope this year will be prepping the ground and building a greenhouse for the biggest one yet, both in size and challenge with the harsher climate and soil.

Do you remember your first plant? I’d have had no clue if I didn’t blog about it!

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