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Holding steady

by Amy

There hasn’t really been much to blog about. I’m back to watering, the rain went away again. The weather’s perfect, been about 70 so not too hot. Everything is growing well except the damn basil. I’ll replant. Oh, the watermelons aren’t doing great either. Seem to be a lot of bugs getting to them – they didn’t get a nematode application. The potatoes are flowering, very pretty purple and yellow blooms. I need to get more tomato cages, a couple more are finally big enough to need them. That’s about it today :cool

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John June 17, 2008 - 1:58 pm

The heat is really starting to slow things down here…105 yesterday and 106 today. I’ve had problems with basil this year also. This is strange, as it grew better than anything else that I planted last year. Anyhow, I ended up pulling most of it and replanting about a month ago. It seems to be doing better this time. Great blog!


Shala June 16, 2008 - 12:07 pm

Our garden is growing quiet slow due to extreme heat and no rain. We had about 10 minutes of rain on Friday and everything was perky for a bit before the heat got to them again. Can you post some pictures of the potato flowers? Our potatoes never flowered due to dying before then. They either got eaten or the heat just got to them, they did produce some potatoes though.

Mick June 15, 2008 - 4:24 pm

It’s quite the opposite for me.

I attempted to grow “Spicey Globe” Basil from seeds and they all took off like crazy!
I’ve planted it out in the veg patch, the flower beds, made a small herb garden in a pot and I still have 9 plants on my office windowsill awaiting a home.

My watermelon, again from seed, seems slow on the uptake but I blame it on all the rain we’ve had here in NE Oklahoma. (We are 17 inches over average for the year). It does seem to be taking off now and flowering. I’ve never grown them before, like a few of things I’m attempting this year.

My potatoes on the other hand still aren’t flowering after 77 days.