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Herbs! No, not that “herb”

by Amy

I didn’t have time yesterday to do anything more than turn on and back off the “greenhouse” lights.

Maybe I should call them “greenshelves” instead.

……I don’t think that will become a thing.

Anyway, this morning all my babies got checked on and watered. The herbs were lovely to see – 2 days ago, there was only 2 bits of green popping through. Everything but the parsley has sprouts now.

Left, nearest to furthest: Parsley (nothing yet), Chives, Thyme, Oregano | Right, nearest to furthest: Lemon Basil, Dill, Sweet Basil

I will never get tired of seeing new life pop up.

As for the rest, the tomatoes continue on their quest for world domination, and the cabbages are trying for a solid Second Place in that regard.

[av_gallery ids=’16966,16967,16968,16969′ style=’thumbnails’ preview_size=’portfolio’ crop_big_preview_thumbnail=’avia-gallery-big-crop-thumb’ thumb_size=’medium’ columns=’4′ imagelink=’lightbox’ link_dest=” lightbox_text=’title’ lazyload=’animations_off’ html_lazy_loading=’enabled’ alb_description=” id=” custom_class=” template_class=” av_uid=’av-247uik’ sc_version=’1.0′ admin_preview_bg=”]

The photos don’t do a good job of showing how much the tomatoes are growing upwards, they’re all hitting the lights! I have to move leaves away from the leds as some are getting damaged. I was not prepared to do so well this year! After adding soil to all the cups to give the roots more grow room, the main stalk of all the tomatoes have thickened substantially. I’ll be pruning the biggest ones just a bit to keep them in check until it’s warm enough to start hardening them off to be ready for the outside world.

Summer can’t come soon enough!

2021 Tomatoes: Let us be free!

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