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Hello, there

by Amy

It’s been a while since I posted anything. The past year has been a hectic mix a bunch of adjectives that aren’t very optimistic or positive. We’ve come through the roughest part and things are definitely looking up…

(aside from this head cold that has given me time in bed to sit here and type away, in between demolishing several boxes of kleenex, and most of a tub of disinfectant wipes)

… but since I’m lounging in my bed in my own house…. I’m still smiling under that raw nose.

Side note: Coconut oil is a wonderful oil. I’m out of my unflavored lip balm (great for raw noses), so coconut oil it is.

This weekend, I was able to make 5 batches of soap, steadily building up stock. Instagram has become my favourite place to share (my very unprofessional) photos, if you’re curious what’s on the go.

Once I’ve got a comfortable amount of soap curing, I’ll be making my lotions and body butters and other goodies. Like lots of unflavored lip balm :)


That’s all for now, but I want to mention the new Waitlist feature on the website. Get a notification when a specific item is back in stock – just visit the product page and click on Join Waitlist. I’ve had hundreds of emails over the past few years and I finally found a lightweight plugin to handle it for me.

Here’s to a very soapy and successful 2017! -Amy

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