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The buck, with a Husky bonus

by Amy

Once the does were settled and healthy, it was time to search for a buck. I’m aiming – as crazy as it sounds – for January kids. With a 5 month gestation, I’m pushing it a bit at this point, but we’ll make do with whatever nature throws at us. I contacted several people, many fell through, but then this photo shows up in my facebook feed. ->

“Billy” is a handsome gentleman, isn’t he? A registered purebred Boer, described as friendly, and had experience making babies, and for the exact price I was hoping to pay. Winner!

We headed down south, east of Edmonton, with a large custom crate in the bed of the pickup. It was a lovely, if long and smoky, drive and we finally arrived in early afternoon to met this wonderful lady on a beautiful homestead. Billy was as advertised and we chatted for a while, with her dog sounding quite upset inside. She asked to let her out (“of course”) and this athletic blur of 7 month old Husky/Shepherd cross zoomed out and all over and finally settled on belly rubs and washing my face, repeatedly. I fell in love.

We chatted some more while I watched the puppy alternate zooming, getting shade, and getting pets. The puppy’s mama is finally able to get back to work and this rescued puppy has turned out to have separation anxiety, which is causing a lot of worry for the humans. For privacy reasons, I obviously can’t go into full details here. I don’t remember which of us joked first, but a couple jokes into it, she realized I would love this dog and I realized she wanted me to love this dog, so Storm the Husky came home with us and the buck.

Billy is happy having his new harem and everything has been fine – though absolutely hilarious – on that front. Born in 2017, this guy has definitely done this before, he’s got all the moves (and noises). Tongue wagging, warbling noises, and way too much urine from all of them to not laugh at.

As for Storm, having a husky is not the same as having rottweilers (energy levels are completely opposite of one another!) but she’s been a joy. To everyone but the cats. I think they might be plotting my murder.

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