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Simplicity is on my mind a lot. My brain – the same brain that finally got it’s ADHD formally diagnosed 35+ years after the first grade teacher said I should be assessed – struggles with simple. Things need to be interesting to stay engaged, you know? Try as I might, I couldn’t achieve the mental zen needed to take the practical knowledge of simple living to truly functional life skill and then finally, last fall, things started to come together. Decades missing puzzle pieces turned up in a couch cushion, so to speak.

It’s been an interesting year of “personal growth”. 

One of our main goals is to set us on the path to being debt free and having true financial freedom. A perfect storm built up over the years and this last one showed us we’d stretched too far. We’ve made some hard decisions (thankfully, selling the farm ended up not needing to happen). We’re learning better communication. We’re learning to actually, truly, properly, budget (more on that later) and that bit of control has created a monster that has started us examining a lot of little, and not so little, things we do, and changing what isn’t working.

One of those things, is our farm specific social media. I’ve unpublished the farm Facebook page and deactivated the Instagram page (I’ve left Calli’s as her surgeries are still a top priority). Why? Because I don’t care about them, and in this modern era of 10 second interests, no one else does either. Once upon a time, I had ideas that I’d learn to be a good social media manager, that I’d post all this great content and be able to show people what we can do and sell and it would bring value to us, our family, friends, and customers. That never came to fruition. 99.9% of my family and farm’s best sharable moments have no photographic evidence. When I do manage to get photos, life happens and they never make it so a post. I have hundreds of neat photos that will never be shown because there’s not enough value for anyone to make it worth posting them. The mental storage space needed to think – even occasionally – about posting on social media – is definitely not part of a simple life, not for this brain.

What’s next for our simple life? Deciding what we truly want with our farm. Is that goats? Maybe, maybe not. Stay tuned.


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