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Round 2 Tomatoes

by Amy

Here we have Tomatoes: Round 2, after I inadvertently murdered half of Round 1 by leaving them outside, defenseless against the upcoming below freezing temperatures.

Owl Creek Farm 2021 Tomato Planters

Moms know all about pregnancy brain and baby brain… I guess puppy brain is a thing too *sigh* I meant to bring them in…. combined with -3c that night, meant a bunch of limp, dead plants.

Round 1 was so promising, even after being started too early which resulted in serious crowding and half the plants being too stunted to have much hope for. The portion on the left were those stunted ones that stayed inside, the transplanted ones were meant to come in with cold…

Owl Creek Farm 2021 Tomato Planters

All that’s left of Round 1 is 4 of the “stunted” plants that recovered and are growing well. All th ones in the bigger pots are now in the compost bin in the background.

No, I didn’t take photos of the dead plants. Let the dead rest in peace. Also, kind of embarrassing, ya know?

Not that I’m alone. A lot of northern gardeners get too eager throughout May after a long winter and have their own losses to deal with.

I’m working on an idea for a mini kitchen greenhouse just out back, in addition to the full size greenhouse. Having a little greenhouse close by will let me start more things early like I did this year, without running out of room, and within reach of  an extension cord for heat. Additionally, having herbs and fresh salad veggies near the kitchen will be nice. It’s going to go just passed the compost bin in the photo, above.

The other side of the path, this lovely area below, will have a path to the future chicken coop, some trees, raised beds, and I’m not sure what all else. I’ll let each spot tell me what should be there and work with it.

Owl Creek Farm Awaiting Landscaping

After photos coming soon! 

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