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Quietly sobbing into my coffee

by Amy

Owl Creek Farm You have goat to be kidding me meme

This is just a short note to let our readers know that the hosting company that this website is on, failed to do proper backups, so when a disgruntled third party attacked many of their servers, a whole lot of websites were lost, many completely and permanently. We are afraid owlcreek.ca might be one of them. We do have a backup from when we merged the garden blog and soap company sites together into this website, but that’s from Jan 2020…. all content since then (you know, since life started getting interesting) might be harder (likely impossible) to recover.

This is a devastating disaster made worse that it’s someone else’s doing, who was also a victim, but could have solved the problem in hours instead of days, weeks, months, or never. I have made this same mistake before, one of my personal hard drives crashed and I lost a lot. I learned to make backups of my files, in Google Drive, away from my computers in case of fire or other disaster. Unfortunately, I trusted their backups to be a little better than just making a copy and keeping it local. I will not make that mistake again.

For now, if you need a recipe or content you’ve seen before that is now missing, please let me know through facebook or by email (there’s links above with the orange icons).

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