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Pinterest Thursday : Decorating

by Amy

I am a lousy decorator. I know what I like, but being able to create the look I want in my home has made it so that for too many year, the most decorating my homes have gotten is new shower curtains in cute or fun patterns. Like, I don’t even put up pictures or art. Bare walls. It’s terrible. With our new home being built, I’ve vowed to immediately jump right in and get it looking and feeling like a real home!

And that is where Pinterest has been so fantastic. Ideas I never would have thought of, ideas I’ve thought of but had no idea how to put into being, ideas I gave up on as “too hard” but come to find out, some blogger made it easy, etc.

So this week’s Pinterest Thursday are things I’ve found to help me get the walls spruced up. This is an area I’m particularly bad at – we never have any photos up because I cannot hang them straight, get them grouped attractively, etc.

For outdoor “walls”, I totally want to try this:

Source: repinly.com
via Amy on Pinterest

Source: potterybarn.com
via Amy on Pinterest


Source: missmustardseed.com
via Amy on Pinterest


Source: americanwoodworker.com
via Amy on Pinterest


Source: macys.com
via Amy on Pinterest


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