Tilling the garden

Got the tilling mostly done (it needs another pass). Mowed the back yard. Started a "proper" compost - half buried a 32 gallon plastic trash can in the ground and filled it with some of the "compost" I've been making (grass clippings)…

Broccoli and Beefsteak and Thyme, oh my!

It seems a little early for so many sprouts, but there are at least 10 broccoli, a beefsteak tomato and 8 or so thyme coming up now. Just since yesterday morning when I saw the 2 broccoli! Crazy! I'll definitely get pictures today.


We have 2 broccoli sprouts this morning :D I'll take pictures of my babies in a bit and post them.


If anyone can see anything wrong with this (other then my misspelling of zucchini) let me know. I borrowed a layout from tastefulgarden.com to make this. The main square will be about 20'x20' with another 20' (or as much as needed) where the…

Woo – Gardening!

I hate weeding but I so love growing my own food, so I'm gonna do my best to see this project to completion and grow us a garden. Today I bought (and much of these are more for trying out the growing process then trying out the food):Seeds:…