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Just another day in frozen paradise

by Amy

The longest night of the year is a day behind us but winter has just begun, and it came in with a bang! We’re seeing-40c (that’s also -40f, for those of you south of the border) with a -50c wind chill for multiple days, and it is making everything unhappy. My car gave up trying yesterday, even plugged in and with a full tank of gas. The breaker for the house water line heat tapes tripped so I’m sitting here, writing this, while I wait for those to thaw! Once water is running again, I’ll be taking buckets of water out to the goats, whose water heater also gave up trying so their water trough is a solid block.

It’s the same everywhere, even the Fox Creek Multiplex had to close early recently due to the cold!

Otherwise, life has been so normal and day-to-day that there’s not much to write about. The goats are not happy about the cold, but they’ve got their fluffy winter coats and fat bellies with good hay to keep their rumen-furnaces working, plus a thick layer of straw in their barn. We opt to not give them grain through cold spells like this because, while it provides quick energy, it doesn’t help the rumen produce long term heat. Since they’re not pregnant, it’s been pretty hands off this season. Looking ahead, we plan to expand the pens next spring and breed them for kidding later in fall – when it’s cold for parasite control, but not so cold that it’s dangerous like we’re seeing in late November, early December.

That’s about all I have time for today, since my car has me grounded to home, I’m going to get the goat’s water then finish wrapping Christmas presents and get started on Christmas baking! This year, we’re having many of our favourites like ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, cheesy cabbage casserole, green bean casserole (wish me luck, I’m making a homemade sauce for it, instead of using MSG laden soup), frog eye salad, deviled eggs, my lovely and soft and perfect dinner rolls, and way more desserts than we really need! I just realized I have some recipes I need to add to the site after writing that out and not having links for all of it… I’ll…. I’ll get right on that, honest. Really.

To all my readers, those who have been here for almost 15 years to those just finding their way here, I wish you a holiday season full of warmth, peace, and love.


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