Alberta Handmade Soap Co is now (part of) Owl Creek Farm!
(Ownership remains the same)
Please be patient with the product information on our website, it is out of date!

Mid-Feb 2020 Product Availability

Soaps available Feb 23: Peppermint, Vanilla Goats Milk, and Silk Sunshine

Plus a few bars of 2019 Black Raspberry & Vanilla


We have improved our light lotion formula to be better than ever, and is available now

$15/8oz bottle

We also have vapor balm ($8/tin), paw balm ($8/tin), and lip balm ($2/tube) available.

Email or FB message us to order. Pick up on farm or we can meet up in Little Smoky or Valleyview.

Due to an outage of cocoa butter, we’ll be out of body butter until April 2020.

Soap & Skin Care Posts

Ugly duckling (HP Gardener's Soap)

Having just made this soap yesterday, I haven't been able to give it a thorough testing, but it's already got good lather and bubbles, and I seem to have hit a decent recipe because my hands are nice and soft.But man, is it ugly. I used parsley…

First batch

This was my first batch, just after pouring. It went well thanks to all the great threads at SMF that I obsessed over prior. Made on Jan 14, 2011, I did not have proper molds yet, so I cut the bottom off a cereal box, lined it with freezer paper…

First post

Hi! My name is Amy and I'm completely addicted to making soap. I've only been at it for 3 weeks but my "stash" is quickly growing - I topped 100 bars today! I haven't made anything pretty yet and I'm not too worried about looks, although I'd…

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