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Goat’s Life

by Amy

It’s been a busy couple of weeks! On July 3rd and 4th, we knocked out getting the main goat pens fenced in and gates installed, which started my hunt for the start of our herd.

We found a lovely group of 8 does with experience birthing multiples already at Red Dog Acres in Lamont County (near Fort Saskatchewan), and brought them home July 15. It’s only been 10 days but we’ve been on a non-stop ride of snorting with laughter and a few face-palming obvious lessons learned (don’t chase them, build a smaller pen for handling…. haha!)

So far, they haven’t tested the fences, other than using them to scratch itchy sides, and I’m on pins and needles for the day that we wake up to goats on our vehicles, ha! Really, they’ve been great. about half out outright friendly, the rest cautious and warming up to us. It helps that I keep bringing them weeds from the garden – remember my “oat garden”? There’s so much that the ladies don’t want to eat it all.

We have a tentative buck lined up to be picked up in a little under 2 weeks, in the meantime, we’re “flushing” the does, which just means they’re getting grain for nutrition and weight to support pregnancy. They’re going to be seriously perturbed when that stops until it’s close to kidding time. They just love seeing us walk up with the bucket of grain!

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