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Barn It!

by Amy

Used to never be able to use the wifi at my farm until I moved my router to the barn.
Now I have a stable connection.

Owl Creek Farm 2021 BarnI have never been one for wanting large enclosed places of any sort, unless I have the money to hire someone else to clean it for me. LOL that’s funny, don’t we all wish that?!

So, when we had our house built, I imagined myself at 75+ trying to keep clean various sizes of house. We kept our new place under 2000 sq ft. It’s not perfect, but neither is spending half my waking hours cleaning and half my sleeping hours in pain from doing it, you know?

So the same mentality applies to farming. I didn’t want the shelter that the goats stay warm and dry in, to be too crowded (a health risk, and not comfortable for anyone), nor so big that if I have to do all the cleaning, that I can’t do it. I wanted to be able to expand or contract as needs require. So when I happened upon an image a few years ago, I knew that was it. The builder, Parlee Sheds & Shelters, is only 90 minutes away, making it easy and inexpensive to transport (with our own flat deck).

I had messaged the builder in 2020, but didn’t end up actually ordering until 2021, which as you might know from recent lumber prices, made me cry a little, but c’est la vie.

Owl Creek Farm 2021 Barn

The barn is home!

It was finished in early August and we headed off to get it…. and our pickup broke down. Thankfully our awesome neighbors were able to help out with their truck! We had to wait a few days to get it into the pen because of recent rain and mud, but it didn’t take long and the goats, and cats, were checking it out.


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