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Contest/Giveaway: Gardener’s Soap

Please read this post in it’s entirety. This is a fairly simple contest, just email me a picture of your, or a family member’s, hands during/after you’ve been gardening. The top 4 dirtiest hands will receive a bar of my handmade gardener’s soap! Any kind of gardening counts – planting seedlings, preparing your garden space, […]


Ranch Dressing/Dip

Ranch Dressing. North Americans almost literally have a love affair with the stuff. I’m not immune to it delicious charms, either. However, there’s been a disturbing trend in the past 10-15 years, where bottled ranch is getting more and more disgusting. Cheap chemicals to maximize profits? Probably. But what’s happening is these mega corporations are […]


What I’ve been up to (w/pictures)

I got more work in the garden done on Mother’s Day. We went out looking for tomato plants but no one (really, no one) had any roma or cherry varieties. So I got seeds and direct sowed those. No growth yet (5 days later), but I’m holding out hope. Not so much hope however, that […]


How to Avoid GMO/GEO

  February 2020 Update As I went through this page, checking information and links to see what’s changed over the years and updating content, I found something completely unsurprising but wholly depressing: The no-GMO/GEO science is solid, but doesn’t make much money, so it’s been easy for corporations to muddy the waters so much that […]


Fall/winter cover crop

Having never been able to be somewhere where I could contemplate the next season’s garden, I had never heard of a cover crop until I started researching gardening this spring. I learned, at a minimum, that planting a cover crop is a darn good way to add vital organic matter and nutrients into your soil […]



There is a bar for perfect coleslaw, as far as I am concerned, and it is very narrow. It’s been about 10 years since I last ate at KFC in the US, but their coleslaw was on the ball. I haven’t had coleslaw that really hit that craving since, and I missed it. I’ve tried […]


Apple Fritters

There is probably no tastier carbohydrate, than deep fried, sweet dough. Just my opinion, but it’s probably a pretty popular one! The only way to make deep fried, sweet dough any better, is for it to be fresh out of the fryer. Bonus points for being super easy to make! These Apple Fritters win on […]


Ham & Bean Soup

Soups are healthy, and easy, and super tasty, and make for great meals after long days, or lunches during the week. Just make a pot on the weekend, portion it out, freeze all but a couple, and take out what you need the night before. Soups often allow you to make use of leftover meats […]


Life with a Water Well

How much trouble can a water well be? Besides the cost, which can be 10s of thousands of dollars, you might have issues with water quality that has to be resolved to be able to use the water. If it’s bad enough, it can damage your pipes. In most any municipality, your water will come […]


Alberta Gardening Calender

The wait for spring becomes almost a living thing for those of us in this climate. We dread the return of mud, but the return of green growing things and sunshine is too palatable to really be bothered by mud that much. We’ll complain about the mud, of course, especially when that mud sucks our […]