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3 Unscented Handmade Soaps and their Benefits

by Amy

When you’re looking for an unscented product that goes above and beyond the normal, it can be frustrating to try product after product and end up returning or tossing them in the trash because they just do not live up to expectations.

All our unscented soaps start with the same exceptional ingredients – the soap is made with tallow, olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, and cocoa butter, then there is the natural glycerine that’s produced in the soap making process, extra super skin nourishing organic alberta oatmeal, detoxifying kaolin clay, and the sugar-derived bar hardening sodium lactate.

This is all that’s in our Original Unscented Handmade Soap. Saying “that is all” is a misnomer however, because that basic batch of ingredients creates a super cleansing, super moisturizing, super lathering bar, that is, well….. it’s super (sorry).

To our Goat’s Milk Handmade Soap, we add, of course, goat’s milk. Goat’s Milk is one amazing ingredient, because it is high in AHAs that help slough off dead skin, and leaves behind ultra moisturized fresh skin.

In our Honey Bee Handmade Soap, the addition of honey and beeswax, which soften the skin and contain antioxidants, which neutralize free radicals to promote healthy skin, and improves skin hydration.

So if you’re sensitive to, or just don’t care for, fragrances or essential oils, we have a nice variety of scent free options to choose from, that will leave your skin clean and healthy.

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We strive to be the best Canadian Handcrafted Soap Company. Our customers agree, our soaps and skin care products are top-notch. Give them a try today!

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