I made a large batch of Orange Vanilla Cream soap today – it’s a family and customer favorite and has been out of stock for way too long! The just-listed Apple Beer soap is sold out, as is the Green Apple Cider, so I will be making both new beer soap and the cider soap soon. Up next is Citrus Basil and Crisp Lemon, for Sunday and Monday.

For another new weekly blog feature, I’m featuring a soap-of-the-week and this week’s is my Lemon Drop Hand Soap. The combination of pumice, medium ground oatmeal, and citrus oil, make this hand soap a powerhouse suitable for some of the bigger messes you can throw at it. Keep a bar at your kitchen sink, mud or laundry room, and bathroom!

My family and customers have tested this soap thoroughly and found that it removes the following, completely, without drying out your skin:

  • Fish, onion, and garlic odours
  • Soot
  • Oil based paint
  • A variety of auto greases/oils
  • Cooking oils/greases
  • Garden dirt/clay
  • most other smells, dirts, and oils

We actually haven’t found anything it can’t completely clean on the first cleansing, except really mechanically greasy hands; like you’d get pulling an oil pan and sneezing or something and finding yourself wearing the contents. It’ll still get that mess off too, but it might take a few scrub/rinse cycles.

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