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As another soaper called it, I had a “Happy Soaping Accident” with my last batch! This is a customer favorite – Orange Vanilla Creme (smells like an orange creamsicle or orange cream soda)

No, I didn’t embed anything in the soap, nor did I paint the design in the soap!

For this batch, I tried a new liner for my wood molds – a plastic mat from Canadian Tire (no, it’s not just a tire store – yes, I thought the same thing before I came up here – it’s got lots of goodies) that had this coffee cup design in it. I inadvertently put the printed side inward (where the soap is poured)… the orange coffee cup design you see is actually from the soap colourant, that for some sciency reason I don’t understand, seems to have been attracted to the ink (which wiped right off), and left this design.

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    Randi Carr says:

    That is too cool! I would never have guessed that would happen either lol. I use the solid cutting mats with no design, so would never have come across it. I thought you had wrapped the log in some gift wrap until I read it lol


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