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Pinterest has fast become the go-to place for ideas and inspiration. We’re building a house and will have a large garden next year, so most of my pins are garden and house design!

My top picks for this week from my Gardening Board

So I can plan where to plant:

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Save seeds in photo albums:

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Fall cleanup is upon us, love this idea:

Other home/organizing/decorating ideas – it’s hard to pick just a few, so check out my boards for lots of great ideas

Wood floors using plywood (awesome!):

Winter prep is also upon us. and every little bit to help get through the -40 temps is welcome:

This would work anywhere you have supplies on a shelf, pantry, garden, shed, garage, etc:

Mini gourds inside with pumpkin scented candles on top for fall decorating:

And don’t miss my handmade soap board! Follow all my boards here:

I hope you enjoy these ideas as much as I do! Stay tuned each Thursday for more Pinterest inspiration!

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