7 flats of dead starts later, the garden won’t be what my inlaws or I had hoped. Live and learn! Communication was the main problem, everyone thought someone else was going to take care of them, so they froze… then got sunburnt 🙁 Poor little plants 🙁

So, I’m going to be prepared for 2013 (you know, if the world doesn’t end in December 2012 hehe). Alberta is not as easy to grow in as Oregon was. I’m thinking grow lights, racks, and maybe a cold frame like this one ->, just to be sure – do any of my readers have experience with one?



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Josh Chmela

Greetings from Washington State. I too have experienced this, I went and bought some stand up greenhouses with racks that work great. you could build one easily they are about 3x3x6 and wrapped in greenhouse plastic with a door and 5 levels that you can put starts on. These work great. I bought mine from a local store for 40 dollars each and and have a slip over the top plastic cover that has a zippered door on the front. I could send you a picture of it if you would like to see exactly what it looks like. I will say they work great but the plastic cover is not very durable. Building one would save on costs and plastic covers. or if you would like something bigger I found this awhile back and up your way. They look like they could be tailored to just about any size you would need. Here is the link…