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Bees + GMO crops = GMO honey.

I was thinking about this the other day and Google Alerts was so kind as to send me this.

Honey that contains traces of pollen from genetically modified crops needs special authorization before it can be sold, the European Union’s top court said Tuesday, in a judgment that could have widespread consequences on the bloc’s policy on genetically modified organisms, or GMOs.

This is good of course, but probably wouldn’t work well in the US. The EU’s policy is much harder on GMO than the US’s, where Monsanto basically has free reign (cough monsanto guy in the fda cough). It would be nearly impossible to guarantee that the bees would be able to avoid GMO crops.

The EU has strict guidelines on authorizing and informing consumers about foods containing GMOs — a policy that has caused problems for producers of genetically modified seeds such as U.S.-based Monsanto Co. that are used to much laxer rules in other parts of the world.

It makes me smile that the EU’s policy is “causing problems” for Monsanto.

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    Ricki Kahn says:

    This whole GMO issue is very scary. How on earth could anyone figure out how to make bees go where they want them to go? It would be like herding cats.
    Good the the EU to take such a tough stance on GMO. I sure wish the USA would get on board.


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