For the past couple weekends, my Saturdays have turned into Soaping Saturdays.

You may have noticed my new domain is Alberta Soap Company. My husband is Canadian, and my kids and I are in the process of being sponsored for permanent residency (sort of like a US green card) so we can live, work, and play in my husband’s country. Which means my soap business will be a Canadian business!

I’ve been making lots of soap lately because we are going to visit my husband while our application is in process, and I don’t want all my oils sitting in storage, going bad or leaking. So I’m using them all up – which my family and friends don’t mind a bit!

This is the results two previous weekends:

L to R: papaya coconut; unscented; popcorn

L to R: coffee; apple; orange creamsicle

The papaya coconut and orange creamsicle are divine!

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