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This was my first batch, just after pouring. It went well thanks to all the great threads at SMF that I obsessed over prior. Made on Jan 14, 2011, I did not have proper molds yet, so I cut the bottom off a cereal box, lined it with freezer paper (wax side in!) and covered it with the top of a slightly larger cereal box. It worked. I’m glad to have my molds now, though!

I was a bit ambitious for my first batch, everything I read said to start with just oil and lye/water, definitely nothing like honey that heats up…

16oz Olive Oil
1T Ground Oats or Oat Flour
1T Honey
2oz Lye
6oz Water

My notes:
OO heated to 110F
Lye+3oz water, cooled to 80F
Honey+3oz water, not cool, mixed into lye water
Oat Flour added at trace
25 min to trace, light tan/cream color
Cut after 10 hours

9 hours later, set up nicely:

 Out of the mold:

And cut:

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