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2010 had a lot of ups and downs here in our little corner of the world. The ups mostly made up for the downs though, and the upcoming 2011 ups will be even better.

I got a jump on my “New Years Resolutions” by quitting smoking (…again…) 4 days ago. My actual resolution will be to not pick it back up.

Another resolution is to actually grow something this year, in containers for now (hopefully 2012 lets me put a garden in the ground!).

I’m thinking herbs for sure, and mushrooms. A couple upside down tomato planters.Maybe some lettuce. I need to think about this one more, and soon!

We recently got a Xbox 360 with Kinect and picked up a workout “game” called YourShape: Fitness Evolved. Love it. Blows the Wii fitness games out of the water. So with that, my resolution is to work out every other day, or more often (never go more than 1 day without working out).

What are you resolutions? Anything good? Think they’ll last more than a couple weeks?

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    Danielle Peck says:

    Well, how’s it going? We’re three weeks into the new year- have you stuck with your resolutions? Are you still smoke free? Are you working out every other day?

    My only resolution this year was to spend more time with my kids and get healthier so I can spend more time with my kids. So far so good. We’re eating healthier and spending more time together.


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