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Are you ready?!?

I rolled 1-14 at, with each commenter being 1 to 14

  1. Jasmin
  2. Myra Henderson
  3. compostings
  4. sara9894
  5. christinemv
  6. SalemMom
  7. Bobby M
  8. Patti Reid
  9. Jeff Kyle
  10. Christine
  11. shanyag
  12. jesse f
  13. noelrich
  14. jamie wright

And the result is 6 – SalemMom. According to SalemMom’s website, she is also known as Dynee Medlock and has “liked” both pages as required so she qualifies as a winner! Congratulations!! Watch for a message on facebook from me (Amy Williams) today!

Thanks to everyone who entered. I wish everyone who entered could win! Keep an eye out for future contests!

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