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Speaking from a financial standpoint, Forbes is probably right to name Monsanto as company of the year (they’re weathering the recession quite well, imagine that), but from a “we don’t want your round up and genetically modified seed” standpoint, I mentally flipped Forbes off this morning when I saw this article at the dentist office. The article opens in a new window.

Keep in mind when they talk about the farmers having a choice, they are lying. Just like Walmart runs small businesses out of every town they come to, Monsanto has nearly run small seed companies into the ground. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find old fashioned seed. Also keep in mind all their talk about crops planted with their genetically modified seed that are resistant to their own Round Up mean that those same crops are getting sprayed with Round Up and you’re eating it.

You might not care. I do. So I share what I find in an effort to give my readers the knowledge to make an informed choice.

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    Grace says:

    Hi Amy~~ You’re right about with the Walmart analogy. Corporate greed seems to have no bounds. Thankfully with the information at our fingertips we can learn and make informed choices. Meanwhile the rich will get richer.

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    sjones71 says:

    A fairly infuriating article from Forbes. I understand that they are only supposed to write about the business of business, but come on… dig a little bit and you’ll see what everybody is afraid of with Monsanto.


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