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Life throws some whopper curveballs sometimes.

Unfortunately after being with my husband for 12 years, I recently learned he’s not the person anyone thought him to be. I try not to post personal stuff on this blog (being a gardening blog and whatnot, plus I have facebook and a personal blog and other places to talk about that kind of stuff), but many of my readers like to know what’s going on with me (you guys are weird, I’m tellin’ ya)… anyway, he’s locked away, hopefully for the rest of his life, and I’m a solo gardener again. Well, except for my little helpers =)

I think I’m holding up relatively well, considering this is the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through, and I’m starting college at Chemeketa Community College next term (starts in Jan 2010). The program is Visual Communications – basically I’ll be getting a degree for what I’ve been doing for years and improving on the areas I’m lacking, particularly print design. Between the grants and loans and the bit of work I’ll still be doing, we’ll be able to get bills paid and even do a small garden this spring. We’ll be just fine, better actually, without him!

Thinking ahead to my garden, I’ll make it very kid friendly and small. I know I want to grow potatoes and corn and maybe strawberries. Nothing that required a lot of extra labor cause I am not going to have the time…no stakes or trellising or cages. Things the kids can help with but that my picky eaters will eat too, and that doesn’t cost a lot. Maybe sunflowers, the younger boys really wanted some when they saw the neighbor’s growing. Any other ideas?

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