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…or the lack there of…

Once gain, I’m looking through the Territorial Seed Winter 2009 catalog and just wishing because we think we might move come tax-refund-time. The yard is great, but this house is too damn small. We need at least one more bedroom, preferably 2. I also need a full size dishwasher, because this half size one with 6 people is almost useless. I do 2 loads and then hand wash 2 sinkfuls of dishes (because half the stuff won’t even fit in the dishwasher!), every day, and it’s really not fun. I’m too busy with kids and work to spend 2 hours a day on dishes! I have no room for food storage, except in the garage and it’s annoying as all get out to deal with that, plus the garage gets too hot and I can’t keep potatoes and onions in there.

Can’t wait to buy a house! But it’ll be at least 4 years before that happens, so we’re stuck in this sort-of-but-not-really-able-to-make-plans life. Makes gardening a PITA. I can’t even plant flowers and TRY to keep them alive (container flowers always – always – die on me). Can’t I just win the lottery? I keep playing (and really, people criticize me for that, when I spend $4 a month on Powerball tickets, and then they go and buy $5 cups of Starbucks every day..and wonder why I look at them like they’re morons) but the machines never give me the winning tickets. Stupid machines!

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    Grace says:

    Hi Amy~~ I hear you. My husband and I were married for 17 years before we bought our house. I hated renting. I LOATHED renting. The houses were always too small–four kids in a 1500 sq. foot house, arrhhh… give me a valium, stat! I felt terrible guilt for spending a dime on the yard (but I did it anyway). There is always this aura of impermanence wafting over our existence. At least mine. Hubby didn’t really care but hubby’s are wired differently. The worst was when the landlords would make a surprise visit. One time the guy railed on us because we didn’t prune the rhododendrons. It was humiliating.

    Four dollars a month on Powerball tickets? I didn’t know they were that cheap. I think I’d better start playing and you’re so right about the amount of money people will fork over for a cup of coffee. (The equivalent of a plant for me.)

    I’ve found that the bigger the container, the better chances of having the flowers survive. And less watering. I think you should give yourself a treat and go find a big pot, potting soil and something nice. How about Lantana? They like sun. Little gifts to yourself can sure help when things seem like they’ll never change.

    Good luck to you. I’m rooting for you. The next jackpot has your name on it.


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