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I hope everyone is having a good Memorial Day (and weekend)!

We ran out of homemade jam early May and I could not find storebought that didn’t have HFCS (we have corn allergies) or red food dye (sensitivities). So on the 18th I picked up some strawberries and made a batch for everyone else (I’m allergic to strawberries). Everyone was going through that batch quickly so I picked up more strawberries and found frozen blackberries on sale, so I grabbed enough for a batch. Yesterday, I canned. 4 pints strawberry jam, 2 quarts blackberry jam, and a quart of blackberry-strawberry syrup with the leftover fruit (2.5 cups fruit, 3.5 cups sugar and 1.25 T pectin). Now we’re all happy munching away at peanut butter and jam sandwiches and not getting rashes, migraines or hyper from the store bought crap.

Once berry season really gets going (and I can get local fresh berries instead of store bought/frozen), I’ll be making lots more. Lots more.

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