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A group called CAC (Citizens Against Chickens) has formed and are trying to drowned out the voices of those of us who want chickens.

Chickens (hens) are legal in Portland any many surrounding towns, Eugene, Corvallis and MANY big cities (NYC for one) across the country. Chickens do NOT equal “poor white trash” or lower property values. Chickens are not livestock unless you plan on killing them for food. The city allows pot bellied pigs, but not pet chickens.

Please help, here’s what you can do (and PLEASE help!!!)

1) Recruit more members and urge them to join our Face Book Group (Chickens in the Yard) and/or our Yahoo Group (Salem Chickens) to keep abreast of the situation and so that I have a way to contact supporters when help is needed.

2) We submitted 659 signatures on a petition, but we need to keep collecting more. If you haven’t signed one yet (and you are at least 18 years old and live inside the city limits), please go to the Tea Party Book Shop downtown on the corner of Liberty and Ferry Streets and sign our petition.

3) Better yet, if you think you can get 10 or more signatures from friends, relatives, and co-workers who haven’t already signed, then download our petition (attached) and collect signatures for us. If you decide to do this, please let me know so I can collect them weeks or months from now. You can contact me directly at

4) It’s time to unleash the postcards we had pre-printed, asking city councilors to vote yes on urban hens. These postcards are also available at the Tea Party Book Shop. Just sign the back, add a stamp, write an additional note if you like, and mail it. Please take extra postcards and ask your friends to do the same.

5) Use the website below to determine which neighborhood you live in. If it’s one on the attached list that we haven’t heard from yet, please urge them to put Chickens in the Yard on the agenda for their next meeting. We are happy to come and give a presentation but we have to be invited first. Once we are on the agenda, it’s important that you show up to support us and urge the board to vote for urban hens. The support of neighborhood associations is absolutely critical to getting the city councilors’ vote later on.

6) Show up at City Hall when we give presentations at city council meetings. These events will be announced on our Yahoo Group and Face Book pages. You can also keep informed through our website

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3 replies
  1. Avatar
    Daphne says:

    Good luck on getting chickens. The town I’m thinking of moving to is also fighting to get chickens right now. I don’t live there yet so don’t have a vote, but I’m following it.

  2. Avatar
    Grace says:

    Hi Amy, It looks like you’ve got a serious effort underway. I wish you all the best. My biggest concern, personally was the smell but a friend of mine whose neighbor has them told me she never smells them. So really, why not? Good luck.

    • Amy
      Amy says:

      An unkempt chicken coop smells like…crap =) But, it smells better then a yard full of dog poop, which most of my neighbors have. If a chicken owner does basic “housekeeping” on the coop once a week, really there is no bad smell. They have an odor, yes, but it’s not bad, just different. Ferrets smell WAY worse then chickens (my sister has ferrets – I love the little rodents but they stink so bad, even after descenting them LOL). Just an example of things that smell worse then chickens but that are allowed =)


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