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Imagine a bunch of men deciding to do the opposite of what the people they represent want – welcome to America :eyeroll

It happens here in Salem even – again I write about chickens. 4 of our councilmen want to kill the whole chicken issue before it goes to public vote.

Don’t let it happen! We need your voices!

If you live in the following areas, let your neighborhood association know you want chickens so they’ll support the cause.

South Gateway

South Salem


If you live in the South Gateway neighborhood (it’s a big one, I didn’t even know which one I was in til I looked), please go to and leave a comment in support of chickens in our yards in the post “Should residents be allowed to raise up to 5 chickens inside the city limits?”.

You’ll notice I left a comment – please, if you live in this neighborhood, leave one too!

You might be too late reading this, but there are 2 meetings – tonight (March 11) Morningside neighborhood association meeting – 6:30 pm at the Morningside Elementary School and tomorrow (March 12) Southeast Salem neighborhood association (SESNA) meeting – 7:00 pm at the Capital Park Westleyan church (410 19th St). If you can make it, please do so.

Here’s a packet the C.I.T.Y (Chickens In The Yard) group put together about chickens living in urban/suburban areas, check it out! City Chickens

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5 replies
  1. Avatar
    Grace says:

    I wonder if the-powers-that-be are opposing rooster noise. Hens will lay eggs without a rooster. Maybe they don’t know this. I would think the smell might be an issue but other than that, why not?

    Good luck with your meetings.

    • Amy
      Amy says:

      All cities ban roosters, they are loud and it “encourages” cock fighting. Not smelly at all – I edited my post to add a very informative packet the group pushing this put together, check it out!

  2. Avatar
    Nidaba says:

    Will you be attending the South Gateway NA meeting tomorrow evening?

    I agree that now is the time to make your voice heard. Honestly, I’m surprised that this has become such a hot issue.

    • Amy
      Amy says:

      I wish I could make it but my 2 year old would have to come with me and he’s in that “terrible two” stage – he’d make a terrible scene. Since duct tape isn’t an option, I’ll have to resort to making my voice heard on the internet and spreading the word.

  3. Avatar
    Victoria says:

    Hi, Amy, I was astonished to read this! Whatever happened to the traditions of self-sufficiency and independence that made America what it is today? And in Oregon of all places? And in these economic times, of all times? Here in the UK, people even keep chickens in London (including one lady who opens her garden to the public).
    I wish you the very best of luck with your campaign. Best wishes, Victoria


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