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Since I haven’t ever gardened at the same time I had a wood stove or fireplace, I never needed to look this up, but I was curious tonight if our ashes from the fireplace would be beneficial, or at least safe, for the compost.

The next door neighbor and I chatted a bit about gardening tonight and he was ecstatic about our garden spot, the people who lived here before had an excellent garden for years and they let him grown what turned out to be the biggest, best corn he’s ever seen. Other information is the rest of our yard is useless to garden as is, it’s all clay (but we knew that)….

So it doesn’t sound like there’s a need to buy compost or do a bunch of amendments, and after a quick Google search showing fireplace ash is good for raising the PH of soil, I think we’ll add some to the compost, but not much. And mix it in well.

So far the composter has grass, leaves, and a whole bunch of kitchen scraps like egg shells, potato peels, apple peels and cores, banana peels, coffee grounds, carrot and celery ends, etc. Add in a little ash and we’ll have a nifty little worm food party. Still kicking myself for leaving the compost at the old house!

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    Grace says:

    It’s great that you’re getting to know your neighbor and that he’s a gardener too. Have a great weekend. I hear the weather will be decent tomorrow. Then more rain. Oh boy!


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