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Who ordered the cold, snow and ice? Cause I’m living in the Willamette Valley and it got lost here. I’d love to send it to you! We lost power (along with 49,000 other people) last night from 4:30pm to midnight and it’s been non stop snowing ALL DAY. I’ve never seen so much snow here! Portland says it’s the worst in 40 years and 2 towns have declared emergencies. I’m making chicken noodle soup (recipe in my head, will write it down and share with tomorrow!) and hoping we keep power tonight.

Some pictures (with more available on my flickr page):

What was the garden:

Very heavy ice laden bush:

Frozen compost:

Stay warm, readers! :cold

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    that chick says:

    pshaw. all you people from temperate climates complaining about a little real weather…

    i’m actually enjoying the break from feeling jealous of you, the way i do 8 months of the year.


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